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Smart Power OFT-Plus
Electronic Power Conditioner (TBF)

The Office UPS is a Complete Power Protection Solution Offering Battery Back up, Surge Protection, and Power Conditioning. The Office is a multi-device power protection solution ideally suited for computers, computer peripherals, internet, and multimedia applications.

  • Technology Controls Ground Noise to Protect Network Systems and Eliminates Ground Loop Control
  • Automatic Save and Shutdown Software for Unattended Computers
  • USB Port, RJ11/45 TEL/NETWORK
  • 2-year Equipment Warranty
Smart Power Gaurdian
Electronic Power Conditioner

The Guardian is an electronic power conditioner that provides power protection for electronic systems and other mission critical equipment. This devices eliminates power issues that cause disruption, degradation and destruction to electronic equipment. Benefits include enhanced operation, reduced downtime, and extended operating life.

  • Common-mode Noise Filtering
  • Normal-mode Surge Suppression
  • Faulty Wiring Detection
  • Prolonged Over Voltage Protection
  • Compatible with GFCI Circuit
  • Lifetime Warranty
Smart Power Venus
Uninterruptible Power Supply with Electronic Power Conditioner

The Venus 2nd Gen UPS provides emergency power in case of power outages and it fully protects systems from destructive high voltage surges and disruptive low voltage spikes.

  • Electronic power conditioner (TBF)
  • Smart ground technology; controls ground noise to protect network systems and eliminates ground loop current
  • Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
  • Automatic save and shutdown software for unattended computers
  • Low battery indicator (audible)
  • Two-year equipment warranty

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