Why Posiflex?

Posiflex is an industry pioneer and leader in the design and manufacture of touch terminals and peripherals. Posiflex's products are built for reliability, longevity, and to withstand the harshest environments. Outstanding customer service is part of the commitment to add to your business's success.

With Posiflex's patented fan-free design, they have eliminated a high point of failure in all-in-ones as well as eliminate particulate matter intake. Consuming up to 60% less power than equivalent workstations, the patented heat fin design and die-cast aluminum alloy housing facilitates efficient head diffusion, allowing for maximum uptime while running the most demanding applications.

Posiflex is also built on stringent third pary testing including temperature cycling, vibration, drop, shock, static electricity and emission tolerance. In addition to highly-accelerated life testing (HALT) and highly-accelerated stress screening (HASS).


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