Elo 10" Touchscreen Tablet

Product Code: E806980

Mfg part #: E806980

Elo 10.1"Tablet PC, Intel Dual Core 1.6G, 2G RAM, P-CAP, 32G SSD, Win7
Elo 10.1"TabletPC, IntelDualCore1.6G, 2G RAM, P-CAP, 32G SSD, Win7

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Series 4000 Cash Drawer
Series 4000 Cash Drawer


Exceeding customer and industry expectations, the Series 4000 is the ultimate heavy duty cash drawer. Industrial-grade steel ball bearing slides ensure effortless performance and durability. A robust latch mechanism and a proven four-function lock assembly offer several levels of security. Along with flexible storage space, and various sizing, color and customized options, these features make the Series 4000 another reason for APG’s reputation as the preferred choice.

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apg Minota Cash Drawer
apg Minota Cash Drawer

apg Minota Cash Drawer, PrinterDriven, 16" x 16", Plastic Inner Drw, 5B/5C, Blk. Cable Incl

Delivering reliable performance and consistent quality, the Minota cash drawer provides a cost-friendly cash management solution for light cash-use environments. The Minota cash drawer is practical, easy to use, and straight-forward; enabling your business to maximize efficiency throughout the checkout process and spend more time creating a positive and memorable experience for your customers.

Built specifically for low cash-transaction environments, the Soma family product line is designed for small to medium sized businesses. If you’re looking to uncomplicate the checkout process, provide customers payment versatility at the counter, and keep your staff focused on building life-long relationships with customers, you’re in the right place.

Minota Cash Drawer Features

  • Sophisticated enough to connect to your POS printer, work seamlessly with your preferred software, or operate manually with a lock and key
  • Tested consistently to 500,000 cycles; giving you a drawer you can trust
  • With a footprint less than 17”x17”, you can keep your counter uncluttered and simultaneously have a raised-level for your other POS components
  • Supported with a one-year warranty, Minota cash drawers offer you peace of mind in the investment
  • Black and white color options so you can find a drawer that camouflages into your business aesthetic
  • Mfg part # : DH320-1-BL410-H2

    • MSRP $199.00

    Standard till for Series 100Cash Drawers (1616 & 16195 Models)
    Bill/Coin = 5x5
    Fixed Bill/Coin Widths

    Mfg part # : PK-15VTA-CS6

    • MSRP $81.57

    apg Architect Tech Mounts for Minota Cash Drawer, Black

    Mfg part # : PK-RT-M1-B

    • MSRP $35.00