Product Code: RT2015111DFP

Mfg part #: RT2015111DFP

Posiflex 15", ProCap, J1900-2.42GHz, 4G, 64GSSD, Win10-IOT(64 bit)

The RT-2015 radiates in its new design – featuring an ultra-slim and sleek look that exhibits elegance. It is uncompromising to the space requirements and provides better cable management and easy maintenance. The RT-2015 is taking POS terminal design into the next level, setting your brand image apart from the others.
  • Slim & Stylish Look
  • Clean Cable Management
  • Fanless Technology
  • Faster Installation and Serviceability
  • Save Your Time and Money
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    TG3 Tuff-Key Bump Bar,20 Key,Tethered,Duraswitch,USB

    Mfg part # : KBA-BB20-TE-TU-RC

    • MSRP $158.00

    MT Mach Series, 21.5"PCAP TouchMonitor, 1920x108, USB Touch, 1xHDMI, 1xUSB-A, 1+4xUSB-C, 350NIT, w/Stand

    The new M1-215DT-A1 21.5? desktop touch monitor is designed to bridge the gap between consumer aesthetics and the next generation of interactive commercial technologies. Engineered for durability and performance, the M1-215DT-A1 features an optically bonded touch screen. This drives industry leading optical clarity, picture quality and touch targeting while increasing durability. With our advanced etched anti-glare process, customers benefit from improved light dispersion and wear overtime. Ranging from bright retail environments to harsh industrial applications, this display has the versatility and performance that sets the standard. Featuring 4 x USB-C peripheral connections and a versatile I/O design, this display is a natural fit for a variety of applications.

    Mfg part # : M1-215DT-A1

    • MSRP $654.00

    FEC 3-Trk MSR for AerMonitor 1000 Series Monitor

    Mfg part # : MCR

    • MSRP $79.00

    TD 10"Quest3 Tablet,Win10IOT,MSR/2D/EMV,Bat,PS,Cradle,Strap,USB Cbl, Vantiv/Datacap

    Mfg part # : Q4031-1MADH000

    • MSRP $1,995.00
    CR5000 Series
    CR5000 Series

    The Code Reader™ 5000 (CR5000) is designed for fast-paced environments and handles data from 1D, 2D and postal barcodes with speed and flexibility. Advanced data formatting capability provides dependable data integration into any platform, system or solution, including iOS applications; while customizable driver license formatting lets users target specific information to populate fields on loyalty forms, credit card applications, and more.

    Featuring image capture technology, the CR5000 lets users store coupons or signatures without specialized software and an optional  Age Verification mode supports business security without sacrificing efficiency. The CR5000 is more than a barcode reader, it’s a tool that adds workflow efficiency.

    Mfg part # :