Product Code: CR3003-GY

Mfg part #: CR3003-GY

Bematech,Cash Drawer,15.7"x16.1",Media Slot,USB,Black

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The Code Reader™ 5000 (CR5000) is designed for fast-paced environments and handles data from 1D, 2D and postal barcodes with speed and flexibility. Advanced data formatting capability provides dependable data integration into any platform, system or solution, including iOS applications; while customizable driver license formatting lets users target specific information to populate fields on loyalty forms, credit card applications, and more.

Featuring image capture technology, the CR5000 lets users store coupons or signatures without specialized software and an optional  Age Verification mode supports business security without sacrificing efficiency. The CR5000 is more than a barcode reader, it’s a tool that adds workflow efficiency.

Mfg part # : CR5020-BT-T500-P4

  • MSRP $525.00

KB-1700 Bump Bar Keypad Option B Layout,Black, PS2

Mfg part # :

CR1000 Cash Tray
CR1000 Cash Tray

Cash Tray for CR-1000

Mfg part # : CR1-TR

  • MSRP $35.00