Product Code: ECTMB-II

Mfg part #: ECTMB-II

2 Year Extended Care for TM-H,TM-C,TM-U,P60,&PLQ-20 Series

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5 Years SITA TMS2000/9000 only(must be purchased at the time of TMS purchase)

Mfg part # : SITAS29-5P

  • MSRP $307.69
Mercury Kiosk - EK Series
Mercury Kiosk - EK Series

Posiflex Mercury 16" Kiosk,J1900,CounterTopStand,3"Printer,Camera,4G RAM,64G SSD,Win10IOT[64b],

With its sleek and eye-catching design, the Mercury Series offers an easy and intuitive end-user experience for customers. Engineered for single-user assembly, ease of maintenance, cable management and component replacement, the Mercury Series reduces costs of deployment and service, allowing for a more rapid return on investment.Available with choices of floor-standing or countertop, the Mercury Series is suitable for any self-service requirement and adapts to changing business needs as well as consumers’ demands. With integrated peripheral options including NFC/RFID reader, fingerprint sensor, 2D scanner, status indicator, and a bracket for EMV payment devices, the Mercury Series is able to handle daily self-service applications.

Mfg part # : EK1630C0100DFP

  • MSRP $2,372.00

Bematech KB9000 Touch BumpBar, USB Cable

Mfg part # :